How to Pick a Good Real Estate Agent?

When it comes to renting, leasing, buying or selling your house or property, you surely need to find some help in sorting out the details. Be it residential, commercial or business, Australia’s property market has been booming in recent times. And real estate agencies are now heading the property markets with growing confidence. Real estate agents provide advice and guidance to buyers, sellers, renters and owners in finding the right kind of space or property to suit their budget and needs. Here’s what to look for in a real estate agent.

Testimonials, Reviews & Feedback

There’s nothing more convincing than reading through testimonials and online reviews about potential vendors in any business. Not every customer is a happy customer but reviews can give you a general idea about the agent. If you’re not satisfied and need to look further you can always talk to a former client of the agent and get feedback.

Valid Licensing and Discipline

Check with the state’s regulatory authorities on the agent’s license and you can always find out if they’ve had any disciplinary actions taken against them. This information may also appear in reviews. Pending court cases, malpractices or lack of professionalism may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Experience Counts

Real estate business has its ups and downs. It’s always affected by external factors and changing trends. So, it’s important to get on board with an experienced agent who has around 5-10 years of experience in the field. This guarantees that they’re more familiar with pricing, neighbourhoods and clientele needs. When it comes to agents in real estate Randwick and Newtown have a few experienced realtors who might be able to offer you a good deal.

The Right Credentials

Real estate agents do have specialities. They should be qualified enough to get you the best deal and a good property/house. Check on their team and assess whether they have the right set of skills and qualifications to do their job. Team members should be able to guide you through basics of property acquisition through mandatory regulations whilst adhering to ethics and professional responsibilities.

Packages on Offer

Check out all your potential agent’s websites and online presence. An active online presence with clear listings, easy navigation, details and visuals places them ahead of their competitors. Another important factor for determining their business capacity is the number of listings shown which an indicator of a healthy business is also. Additionally, this gives a chance to compare price ranges, affordable neighbourhoods and opportunity to explore a few new neighbourhoods as well.

Knowledge and Expertise

A good agent should be able to be on top of their business. This means they should be able to gauge any kind of property within their business realm. The agent should be able to provide the necessary advice on any area pertaining to property and give clear guidance on any of the services that they offer. Apart from this they should be able to represent your best interests and possess the right set of skills in negotiating, clearing out any conflicting issues and finalizing deals in an ethical and professional manner.

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