Why An Inspection Is The Way to Go Before You Buy a Property

Buying a property or building is one of the biggest commitments you can make in life and is a very financially important decision you have to take. Nobody wants to buy now and regret later. You invest in millions in a property which is supposed to turn your life for the better. Equipping yourself with the knowledge of the property you hope to buy would give you a good bargaining position immune to the tricks and trade of real estate agents looking to lure you in. You would be confident when negotiating and would show the other party that you do know an in-depth outlook on the property. Let us look at some benefits of conducting a pre-purchase inspection.

Old Buildings and Cracks

If you’re looking to buy an old building remember that these usually come with age-old defects such as cracks, hiring a professional can help you identify these cracks. Cracks are quite a common structural defect. These are a result of low quality materials and low-quality workmanship. Good sturdy walls are key if you want a building that will last in the long run. Certified inspection reports will give you some analysis on the level of construction quality with regards to the building before you purchase it. This is very important because some cracks are minor and can be easily repaired but some pay prove fatal to the building’s solidarity.

Water Leaks

If you want to make sure the house has proper plumbing, Pre purchase building inspections can help you identify water leaks. Water leaks are amongst the most troublesome of defects a property can have. You certainly don’t want to be surprised with multiple water leaks in your building which could be very unsightly, messy and also costly to fix. Poor plumbing and fixtures usually result in leaksbut have no fear, since a professional building inspector would be able to identify these leaks if any and advise you if they are minor or major leaks and in addition inform you of the cost involved. This would happen in the pre-purchase stage so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.


Wiring is just as important. If you have outdated wiring these might not be able to satisfy the demand for the power that is used in this day and age. Poor wiring can also be a safety hazard. These could cause short-circuits which may even lead to fires in a worst-case scenario. A pre-purchase inspection would allow you to gain some insight into the status of the wiring system and prevent you from encountering any nasty surprises. The process of rewiring is very costly so you might want to consider the purchase of the building or property if it is shown to require a new wiring system from the ground up.


This weakens the walls and foundations over time. If the foundation laid does not absorb the moisture found on the ground especially during rainy months it would result in this moisture seeping upwards into walls. With time this would mean a good breeding place for pests, not to mention the damage it incurs on walls in the long run.

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